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Esona: Shiraz 2015

Peppery bouquet with hints of ripe plums, strawberries and grapefruit, noted for its aromas and flavours
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Post House: Merry Widow Shiraz 2019

Blackcurrant, chocolate, pepper, cinnamon, raspberry and floral petals aroma, with a ripe fruit structure
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Mellasat: Shiraz Rosé 2021

Fresh, fruity and dry with a summer fruit and raspberry aroma, perfect for a warm summer day
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Shiraz Jam

Perfect breakfast treat for Wine Lovers!
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Shiraz Dessert Topping

A delicious touch to ice cream, pancakes, cheesecake, fresh fruit and chocolate desserts
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Shiraz Salt

Add to red meat to give it a delicious shiraz-marinade taste
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